Weekend 479.1

It’s another seemingly random assortment of topics (in a list) from an over-caffeinated mind. My latest posts have been mostly analog. It’s less about nostalgia and more a reaction to the systematic obliteration of the past by modern cultural warriors separated from the Tao.

The Limestone Library is published / cataloged on libib and it’s one of the few web based services someone will inherit (along with the physical library).

(1) Yesterworld: The Rise & Fall of the Original Disneyland Hotel (YouTube)

(2) Quotes from The Book in the Cathedral by Christopher de Hamel:

“Surviving books once owned and read by great figures of the past have for us an interest and importance quite as intense today as an original bone of a saint would have had for our ancestors in the Middle Ages.”

“We all know what a lot you can tell about any person by looking at the books they own, even now, and the inventory almost allows us the experience of standing in the slype and pulling Becket’s books off the shelves one by one.”

“A hundred and fifty years after Becket’s death, the entire library of the cathedral priory was inventoried at the initiative of Henry of Eastry, the prior who died in 1331.”

(2a) The contents of Walt Disney’s office were cataloged and itemized after his passing by archivist Dave Smith. Walt had a copy of Victor Gruen’s The Heart of Our Cities: The Urban Crisis and Cure (1964) on his bookshelf¹. The book was cited in Neal Gabler’s Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination (2007).

¹Books That Influenced Disney

(2b) Photo tour of Walt Disney Studios and Walt’s office (Attractions Magazine)

(2c) 23 Things You Can Find In Walt Disney’s Office Suite At Walt Disney Studios (Oh My Disney) << You can see the Victor Gruen book in the third photograph

(3) Daily coffee linked to lower risk for heart failure (UPI)

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