Weekend 474.0 (Article 27 of the Fair Charter)

(1) A quote from Tomorrow-land by Joseph Tirella:

“According to GM, twenty-first-century cities would feature sleek modernist skyscrapers and smart superhighways—computers would regulate traffic and keep cars safely away from each other. But the great Metropolis of the future would allow for a relic of the past: A Gothic cathedral held a place of honor on one of the few people-populated plazas in the busy city. (Apparently, one of the few places that people waked to in the future was church.)”

“Moses’ Fair was selling the notion of progress: the kind of progress that had created a National Highway System and enshrined skyscrapers as a new form of American art; the kind of progress that had successfully split the atom and was now close to a putting a man on the moon; the kind of progress that unleashed the single-minded directives of the of a Master Builder who could—and did—mold and shape the largest and greatest metropolis on earth according to his whim, filling it with expressways and block towers, bridges, and tunnels that led millions outside of its shadows into vast pastoral settings of parks and beaches. This was the ethos of postwar America, and it was the personal philosophy—almost a religion, really—of Moses.

(1a) World’s Fair Subway Special – TV commercial for NYCTA (YouTube)

(2) Phil Collins – Face Value (Classic Album)

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