Weekend 423.0 (Architecture is frozen music)

(1) Another quote from Ware: Conversations: “There’s a quote from Goethe that ‘architecture is frozen music,’ and I think it actually applies to comics more than anything because you’re taking images, making them still. They don’t actually come alive until you read them though; it’s sort of like reading sheet music in a way.”

(2) Semyon Bychkov talks about Strauss’s Eine Alpensinfonie (YouTube)

(3) A quote from Yesterday by Haruki Murakami:

“As time passes, memory, inevitably, reconstitutes itself. When I was twenty or so, I tried several times to keep a diary, but I just couldn’t do it. So many things were happening around me back then that I could barely keep up with them, let alone stand still and write them all down in a notebook. And most of these things weren’t the kind that made me think, Oh, I’ve got to write this down. It was all I could do to open my eyes in the strong headwind, catch my breath, and forge ahead…It feels as though these things happened just yesterday. Music has that power to revive memories, sometimes so intensely they hurt.”

(4) One last related quote from Ware: Conversations:

“This is why I think as adults, we can’t really enjoy life as we get older–we spend so much time worrying about the past and about the future that we don’t really experience anything. When we do experience anything deeply emotionally it’s mostly in memory, when we think about things: ‘Why didn’t I pay more attention to that?’ Meanwhile, everybody around us is getting older; our children are growing up. Before we know it, we’ve got an IV in our arm, and we’re telling the nurse, ‘Please adjust my bed.'”

(5) The Oh of Pleasure by Ray Lynch (YouTube)

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