Christmas 2017 Sabbatical (P2)

(1) Yes! Yes! Yes!

(2) How Washington, D.C., Built a Bike Boom (CityLab)

(3) The Most Expensive Mile of Subway Track on Earth (NY Times)

“Along with interviews with contractors, the documents reveal a dizzying maze of jobs, many of which do not exist on projects elsewhere.

There are “nippers” to watch material being moved around and “hog house tenders” to supervise the break room. Each crane must have an “oiler,” a relic of a time when they needed frequent lubrication. Standby electricians and plumbers are to be on hand at all times, as is at least one “master mechanic.” Generators and elevators must have their own operators, even though they are automatic. An extra person is required to be present for all concrete pumping, steam fitting, sheet metal work and other tasks.”

(4) Three songs to start 2018:

(a) Angus & Julia Stone – Nothing Else

You just wanna grow old, sit still while everybody else runs
In the meantime, tell me your star sign
I’ll make something up ’bout how you have to fall apart to really be someone

(b) Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over Live
(c) Bobby Darin – Once Upon A Time

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