Weekend 370.1

The apple tree in my backyard has rust. The good folks at the local nursery assure me it will survive, but I’m still devatsted nonetheless (no apples in the fall). The tree was a salvage project in a backyard overrun with invasive and insidious vines.

I wanted a good quote to demonstrate the import of trees so I naturally pulled Tolkien from the bookshelf.

“A sweet fountain played there in the sun, and a sward of bright green lay about it; but in the midst, drooping over the pool, stood a dead tree, and the falling drops dripped sadly from its barren and broken branches back into the clear water.”

I’m hoping this doesn’t end up ‘laid to rest in the silence of Rath Dínen.’

“For it is said that, though the fruit of the Tree comes seldom to ripeness, yet the life within may then lie sleeping through many long years, and none can foretell thw time in which it will awake. Remember this. For if ever a fruit ripens, it should be planted, lest the line die out of the world.”

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