Weekend 368.0 (Independence Weekend)

(1) Liberal Cosmopolitans Lash Out at the Shattering of Their Worldview (National Review)

“Liberal cosmopolitanism, regnant since the end of the Cold War, has bought completely into its own rightness. It is entirely devoted to an increasingly borderless political future carefully managed by technocrats and tempered by “compassion” and “tolerance” — all of which aims at the maximal amount of material prosperity. It sees no other alternative than that we will all, eventually, be “citizens of the world,” and assumes that everyone will be happier that way.”

(2) The Media’s Disgraceful Brexit Meltdown (National Review)

(3) A quote from The Road to Serfdom (originally published in 1944) by F.A. Hayek:

“It is not difficult to see what must be the consequences when democracy embarks upon a course of planning which in its execution requires more agreement than in fact exists. The people may have agreed on adopting a system of directed economy because they have been convinced that it will produce great prosperity. In the discussions leading to the decision, the goal of planning will have been described by some such term as “common welfare,” which only conceals the absence of real agreement on the ends of planning. Agreement will in fact exist only on the mechanism to be used. But it is a mechanism which can be used only for a common end; and the question of the precise goal toward which all activity is to be directed will arise as soon as the executive power has to translate the demand for a single plan into a particular plan. Then it will appear that the agreement on the desirability of planning is not supported by agreement on the ends the plan is to serve. The effect of the people’s agreeing that there must be central planning, without agreeing on the ends, will be rather as if a group of people were to commit themselves to take a journey together without agreeing where they want to go: with the result that they may all have to make a journey which most of do not want at all.

(4) WATCH: Brexiteer Nigel Farage To EU: ‘You’re Not Laughing Now, Are You?’ (NPR)

(5) Cultured Hicks (The American Conservative)

“Amanpour was angry at this. The minister had to explain to her that Britain is a democracy, where the people are sovereign. What’s so fascinating about that exchange is that it never seems to have occurred to Amanpour that the people should have a say in the way they are governed in their own country.”

(6) The Mind of the President: What the recent revelations about the Iran deal tell us about America’s new guiding philosophy in the world (The Tower)

(7) Obama, the Left downsizing the American Dream (Orange County Register)

(8) Obama Will Need His Oratory Powers to Sell Globalization (NY Times)

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