Weekend 346.0 (Happy Halloween)

Night on Bald Mountain(1) A quote from the Disney Villain by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas:

“Instead of eyes that flashed with sudden fury, there was a sensation of churning fires within the eye sockets — eyes that had no pupils. There was no way anyone could communicate with such a being. He was like some alien force that had its own way of seeing, some unknown sensory perception that commanded everything before it…Chernobog was definitely from some other world and projected an unsettling spell over all in his presence.”

(2) Old Church House Has Angels, Stained Glass…

Credit: Dad

(3) Strolling in an Hermès Wanderland (Wallpaper*)

“Walking through the streets of most major cities, it seems that the art of aimlessly wandering is long lost. ‘It’s nice to just sit at a café or on a bench,’ muses Dumas. ‘To watch people and not do anything and watch time go by. I think it has become a luxury today, when everybody’s so busy.’ Dumas refers to a human habit that emerged in post-Industrial Revolution Paris in the nineteenth century, the activity of near non-activity: ‘flâner’. An almost untranslatable French word, it means to wander, to stroll.”

(3a) A related quote from The Heart of our Cities by Victor Gruen:

“The city is the crowded sidewalks, the covered galleries of Italy, the arcades and colonnades, and the people on them and in them, some bustling, some walking for pleasure (spazieren gehen, they call it in Vienna), some engaged in the age-old tradition of the corso or the promenade.”

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