Four Roses

My favorite bourbon mentioned in a movie [French Connection II] with my favorite actor [Gene Hackman].

I’d like a…Four Roses,
straight up, and water on the side.


Four Roses, straight up,
and water on the side.

Not sure why, but the movie made me think of this post from Michael Auslin on the SNL 40th Anniversary special.

I didn’t expect to get so nostalgic. The beautiful photomontage set to music showed the cast in their prime, including the first cast sitting in Central Park before becoming famous. That was particularly poignant, full of such hope and in retrospect, such achievement ahead. But seeing how poorly Chevy Chase and Paul Simon have aged, Steve Martin with granddad spectacles as King Tut, even a middle-aged Adam Sandler and David Spade, was another undeniable reminder of time’s march. Maybe because I see them forever young on the videos, I expect them to have remained that way.

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