Weekend 315.0 (79.45%)

“In Him we live and move and exist.” ― St. Paul

How many of your conversations this year started with, “it just seems like yesterday?” Projects that mark the passage of time are difficult because you realize (very profoundly) how precious time is. It seems like every three months #YOLO is trending on twitter, and while I used to recoil in disgust, PLAYMOBIL365.com has given me a new respect for HOW quickly time passes (and how short life is).

Year long projects also bring into focus the people, places, and things that have become sources of inspiration. There’s always a story behind every picture on PLAYMOBIL365.com and while I don’t want to be be smarmy and overly introspective (some mysteries should remain mysteries), there are always some fountainheads worth sharing.

In case you couldn’t tell from surveying the content on this site, I have nurtured a lifelong obsession with Walt Disney. And NOT the crap they do now; but the city-planning, architecture, engineering, story-telling, mass-transit, attention-to-detail, respect for history and tradition, and rampant innovation envisaged by Walt Disney and his coterie of imagineers.

#278 10.5.2014 is inspired by this padlock at the Main Street Station AND this sign from the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

#282 10.9.2014 is a tribute to Walt Disney and inspired by a toy bird he found in New Orleans. The DigiBird also reminds me of Disney’s favorite song “Feed The Birds” by the Sherman Brothers.

#286 10.13.2014 is inspired by the Land Pavilion at Epcot.

(1) Architect Michael Graves on Design Hits and Misses (WSJ)

(2) A Flower Arrangement Inspired by a Helen Frankenthaler Painting (WSJ)

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