Weekend 300.0 (Rare 3 Day Weekend)

…and great timing because my Space Mountain Graphic Novel just arrived!

Weekend 279.0 (Post Con/Abridged)

(1) A quote from Hayao Miyazaki in The Art of the Wind Rises:

“I don’t want to obscure architecture by using sepia tones; thus we will be bold with East Asian colors of modernism. Roads are bumpy and uneven. Shop signs and billboards line up chaotically. Jumbles of wooden utility poles are everywhere.”

(1a) “…a fragment spared by time.” — FDR

(2) Struggling Malls Suffer When Sears, Penney Leave: Loss of Anchor Tenants Can Accelerate Downward Spiral (WSJ – Registration Required)

(3) Last Call for Metro-North’s Bar Car: ‘Café Cars’ Have Been Operating on the Metro-North New Haven Line for at Least 50 Years (WSJ)

(4) The Instant Family Heirloom (WSJ)

(5) Picking Among Low-End Flowers in Advance of Mother’s Day (WSJ)

*Scan is from Space Mountain written by Bryan Q. Miller and illustrated by Kelley Jones

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