Weekend 275.0+

Posting and cycling (sigh) have been sporadic because of the Limestone HQ move (then there were some unexpected technical challenges requiring an entirely separate post) but a return to normalcy is only 6.4 KM away.

(1) Bike blog: Experiments in Speed

(2) Sophia Amoruso Expands Nasty Gal (WSJ Magazine)

(3) The Coveted Halls of the Design Library (WSJ Magazine)

(4) A Point of View: The endless obsession with what might be (BBC)

(5) What Lurks Beyond the Boundaries (WSJ – Registration Required)

(6) The Sun Sets On Fox Soccer – 1997 to 2013 (Forbes)

(7) The Big Ambition of Miniature Art (WSJ – Registration Required)

From the ‘Son of a Florist’ files…

(8) The Rise of Fall Gardening: Summer has its merits, but, as more gardeners are embracing late-blooming perennials, autumn is the hot new season, says garden designer Grace Kennedy (WSJ)

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