Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!

Fun and retro. I’m an older gamer and this title (in terms of gameplay) has been compared to The Legend of Zelda (and if you can find the collectors edition similar to Ultima IV in terms of packaging).

The other franchise/series I enjoy is Kingdom Hearts but those titles (particularly Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance) have gotten overly complicated and I’m just not dexterous enough to play a game requiring ten fingers.

I watch Burgoyne on the xBox and he’s able to launch “special moves” in every title and in combos of a freakish manner (like some kind of digital conjurer). The lack of dexterity in my dotage makes me feel cheated so a simpler title like this with incredible characters and a completely nonsensical storyline appeals to my aged inner-geek (tributary). And not sure how to explain the appeal of Adventure Time. I have Austin on my mind these days and a half-hour in the Land of Ooo is like an afternoon on SoCo. I’m all about talking food!?!?

One of the biggest drawbacks of Adventure Time is playing time (see below) but I don’t have 70-100 hours and actually prefer these shorter titles. My only criticism- outside of a rare audio clip the voice talent barely contributes. On the plus side, the theme song for the game is ridiculous (and perfect):

You king of ice
it would suffice
if you’d be nice
but you’re a jerk!

Probably want to
build a girlfriend
out of the garbage!

Now that’s just crazy talk
nobody’d be that crazy
it’s probably something else.

According to the Activity Log on my Nintendo 3DS XL I finished the game in 15:42 minutes. I played 37 times with an average play time of 0:25 minutes (first played on 12/3/2012 and last played on 12/21/2012).

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