Weekend 239.0 (Cycling Weekend)

Bike Rentals Sign(1) My Orange Brompton: A blog for those who want, own or love Brompton Folding Bicycles.

(1a) This cat has great taste in colour (and he seems to have a tyre fetish). He also rides in and about Richmond, London which is the penultimate in neatness since I occasionally travel there.

Images of Richmond courtesy of the Limestone Roof Photo ArchivesĀ©

Richmond Cycles
Cottages at Waitrose Place
Petersham Meadows or Buccleuch Gardens

(1b) I was in NYC yesterday [Friday, October 26] to have lights installed on my M3L. The trip to NYCeWheels is always an adventure.

(1c) The Brompton Toolkit from Goodwin Hartshorn.

(1d) This chap could be my brother!

(2) The Philadelphia Bike Expo

(3) Boutique boom: From Bobbin to Voltage – Making and selling bikes used to be simple and unimaginative. Today businesses are changing to access a vibrant market for boutique brands.

(4) Ran errands (post office) on Saturday using my hand-built orange basket bike from ANT Bicycles. Trip ended @ Chef’s Table for Potstickers.

Other Stuff
(5) Spent last Sunday at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Connecticut and found some treasures!

(5a) Lindsey’s Quality Water Colors – Manufactured by the Glenn Tint & Chem. Co., in Glenside, PA (NO. 25 – 8 Colors). The print on the tin is very colorful (and the price imprinted on the the lid is 39Ā¢). The patent date is December 8, 1931. I tried to find the the original patent but there are 1,142 listed on that date (need an intern).

(6) Ultra Rare Photos Of Le Corbusier In Color

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