London Calling

Pretty LandscapeStarting with a quote…

“Life is full of surprises, but never when you need one.”

— Calvin

I was drafting a post loosely titled, “5 Things I Believe Emphatically” and No. 1 was “Never pray for signs because more than likely you will just invent signs to fit whatever it is you are praying for.”

Ironically, I watched two movies on the Virgin Atlantic flight from JFK – Jeff, Who Lives At Home and Young Adult.

I’m still working on the list but No. 2 is “Read ‘Catastrophic Gradualism‘ by George Orwell before joining and/or committing to a movement.”

Meetings start tomorrow so no REAL updates until later in the week. I did catch a glimpse of the Brompton factory on the drive from Heathrow this morning.

(1) London Transport Museum
(1a) Mind the Map: Inspiring art, design and cartography
(2) J. M. W. Turner at The National Gallery
(2a) Turner’s House Trust

(1) The Dysart Arms
(2) Bacco

(1) Richmond Cycles

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