Weekend 223.1 (filaments and figments)

The End of the World“Detailing his stories in meticulous and carefully crafted artwork, Chris Ware lays out an irresistibly beautiful world of deficits and defects. While nowadays a seemingly endless archive of superhero comics is shamelessly exploited for bland 3D animated blockbusters, Chris Ware set out to prove the narrative potential of visual writing. In stark contrast to the loud colors and simplistic world of action figures, he proposes a quiet and introverted vision in muted shades of nostalgia, exploring topics of social isolation, emotional pain and personal failure in modern life.”
— MOMO.KULTUR #30 WINTER 2011/12

The Wild World of Imagination (WSJ)

“Even amid his creative cohort, as represented here, Sendak stands out for his unusual bluntness and the way in which his picture-book career seemed less a source of artistic delight than an extended exorcism.”

‡ Image is from Clannad After Story, Episode 21 “The End of the World”.

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