Christmas 2011

LGB TrainJust back from Austin…

(1) China’s Abandoned ‘Wonderland’

(1a) Pictures of the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

(2) Go analog at Lomography [@lomography]!

(3) Frankincense threatened by conditions in Ethiopia (USA Today)

(3a) Frankincense drying up

(3b) A Shift for the Magi? Frankincense Shortage

“But not all vendors are concerned. “I’m not going to worry about the future,” Ms. Thompson said. “God holds the future in his hands. It’s his reality, not ours. If you worry about everything, you’d go crazy.”

(4) Holiday Happiness? Not Under the Tree: Presents fool us easily, research shows. It really is the thought that counts (WSJ)

(5) All Hail the Hunch—and Damn the Details (WSJ)

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