“The passion for tiny things–and miniatures were as popular among ordinary dads and secretaries as they were with royalty–is explained by the customary reaction to these dollhouses for grownups. How intricate the workmanship! How miraculous the detail! And all made my hand! Imagine that! Mrs. Thorne’s little rooms in San Francisco, and a second set on simultaneous view in New York in 1939, were handwrought rebukes to the machine age idolized by World’s Fairs.”

Mini (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) – Temporarily reduce the size of enemies. You can step on them while they are shrunk to deal damage.

“In all of Mrs. Thorne’s rooms, objects pertinent to the absent owners were scattered about like clues in a country-house mystery: a discarded book, the open door of a cabinet, a chair turned toward a window, a tiny cup and saucer abandoned on the very edge of a table. And the things they left behind conjured up stories in the heart of the observer. Love letters unanswered. A sudden quarrel. A three-dimensional world that could charm and delight and tell a story; in an odd way, this was animation without the quarrelsome animators who would throw up a picket line around the new studio on May 29, 1941.” – Imagineering the Disney Theme Parks by Karal Ann Marling

For D23 Fans: See Walt’s Missing Decade by Timothy S. Susanin and Persevering in Troubled Times: A Walk With Walt 1941 by Jim Fanning

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