More Goodies from the Train Show

This is the second pamphlet/brochure from the train show and this one is in fantastic shape. This is a promotional piece (12 panels) for the second year of the 1939/1940 NY World’s Fair and includes an advertisement for New Railroads on Parade. This dramatic musical extravaganza was presented by the Eastern Railroads. The pamphlet/brochure is underwritten (sponsored) by the New Haven Railroad!

“Streamlined AIR CONDITIONED Coaches offer you every modern travel luxury and convenience at amazingly low 2ยข-a mile coach fares. Make the Grill Car your modern rendezvous en route! Refreshments, sandwiches, complete meals…at low prices.”

There are also ads for the American Jubilee, Aquacade, and Magic Fountains.

“COMBINING WATER, fire, and sound in a starlit symphony, this inspiring show is given nightly at the Lagoon of Nations…FREE!”

Romantic. Some of the other panels include editorials for local hotels (plenty of rooms and low prices) and affordable dining options (eat within your budget).

Makoto Shinkai

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