November Job Numbers, 9.8% Unemployment


I was listening to the job numbers on CNBC and a half-hour before the Squawk Box crew interviewed Tom Friedman.

Friedman is wet behind the ears. He, like Krugman, continues to clamor for infrastructure spending (stimulus in the case of Krugman). What the h*** was the 1 TRILLION dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for?

A picture is worth a TRILLION dollars (yuans in this case).

In Which I Challenge Tom Friedman To A Debate (Ace)

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Capturing the national mood

Congress has lost the luxury of extended debate on boutique social issues. All focus should be on growth. Every policy should be evaluated for its impact on growth. Wake up.

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Dismal Jobs Numbers Expose a Leaderless White House on Economic Policy

In August, Christina Romer, who promised unemployment would not top 8% if the federal stimulus was passed, announced she was going back to her position as an economics professor at the University of California at Berkeley…The word on the street is that no economic stars with real business experience are interested in joining the Obama White House.

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