Found on the Intertubes, Part 1

I found this graphical bauble searching for a picture of an oak chair made from salvaged wood from the Temeraire that is at the Whanganui Regional Museum in New Zealand.

Quote 1
“Light intensities bring depth of emotions, dramatic changes of moods, fears, ecstasies or apathies. Light has defined art from the beginning of mankind- in architecture, in sculpture, in painting. Colors are in the light itself, and colors are made visible by light. Michelangelo molds light over the body, and Rodin breaks light, making it vibrate over the surface. Turner brings the intensity of light in his paintings to a blinding force, a virtual torch. Malevich traps light on a white canvas. Artists have always played with light because it is the most important element to play with; there is nothing that substitutes for it.”

– Massimo Vignelli, The Vignelli Canon

Quote 2
“It seems ironic to think of fog as a vehicle for clarity. But it was. The thick layer of moist cloud was a palpable reminder that I don’t want to live my life without clear site. I want to see past the surface of things- like the poets do. I want to find my way to the invisible force that hold life in being.”

– Paula D’Arcy, Daily Reflections for ADVENT and CHRISTMAS

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