‘Unexpected’ Priorities: Mosque versus U.S. Unemployment/Double Dip Recession

(1) Poll shows more Americans think Obama is a Muslim (The Washington Post)

(2) Obama’s Point of No Return
“With Obama, suspicions have involved his status as an American. The foreign parentage, the registration in an Indonesian school noting him as a Muslim, the uproar over the birth certificate aroused misgivings that, despite media scorn heaped upon those noting them, he has never quite been able to put to rest. As of last weekend, his opportunities to do so are ended. Impressions trump arguments, and for most of the country, Obama will, from here on in, be a strange and untrustworthy figure — a man who does not understand what Ground Zero means to America, who utilizes American law and custom to support foreign interests, who speaks to strangers more clearly than to his own.”

Limestone Commentary
I need one of those one word sub-headings like they use at Hot Air (something like priorities). While the entire nation struggles with rising unemployment (double dip recession) Obama is fighting for a mosque at Ground Zero.

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