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Please also visit Playmobil365— a year long photo project celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Playmobil that launched on January 1, 2014.

The lead in the February 2012 issue of MONOCLE was about charm and this quote fits PLAYMOBIL® perfectly.

“Taking a punt on a quality [charm] that can’t be measured in facts and figures is deemed the ultimate risk. And yet charm is arguably the most important factor for securing repeat business, which in today’s financial climate is invaluable.”

PLAYMOBIL® oozes charm and their customer support and product quality is unsurpassed.

Horst Brandstätter My Last Meal: The octogenarian head of Playmobil shares lunch at the staff canteen of the company he runs and loves (DECEMBER / JANUARY 2013/14 issue of Monocle)

► A short blurb in the July 24, 2014 issue of ShortList.

FAO Schwarz Celebrates 150th Anniversary by Presenting Gallery of Historic Toys

► The official PLAYMOBIL Collectors Club!

► Some of my photographs were featured on the PCC site!



Books about PLAYMOBIL®

Playmobil: The Story of a Smile by Felcitas Bachmann
Playmobil Collector 1974-2006 by Axel Hennel
Toy Design by Van Chris Uffelen

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