Thanksgiving 2022

“I may be obliged to defend every love, every ending…”

I’m thankful I’m sitting at my lovely Eames desk on this warmish sunny Thanksgiving Day. My bookshelves are still empty, but I had five wonderful days with Bear and the Bridgeport Islanders are rolling. The World Cup is also providing a nice reprieve from the total meltdown at Saints FC.

Biden Inflation

The Wizard of Oz and his flying monkeys want you to believe the minor incursion of Russia in Ukraine is the cause of rampant inflation. Don’t be fooled because inflation was surging before the latest foreign policy crisis. The cause of inflation is the MASSIVE printing of dollars (spend, spend, spend) and has been exacerbated by energy policies that restrict new supply and the FEDs massive balance sheet. This is all by design and Biden is lying, scapegoating, and deflecting when he (or his propaganda ministers) say otherwise.

(1) The Biden Inflation Tax, Made Clear in One Chart (Real Clear Politics) < This article is from August 2021!

(2) ‘Tell America what should be done to fight inflation’ by Dr. Tim Nash (Northwood University)