Elon, Twitter, Free Speech and Capitalism

Do you remember the GameStop short squeeze? There’s a relationship between it and the offer from Elon for Twitter. The common thread is the existential threat the hoi polloi (deplorables, plebs, and the rabble) represent to the elites, and whilst Elon isn’t a commoner, he holds provincial thoughts (wrongthink) about free speech that cannot challenge officially sanctioned narratives™.

And the common man also understands with a certain deftness the old George Carlin bit about the club. Joel Kotkin says the working classes are ready to erupt but the swamp is deep and not the caged animal described by some patriots.

The 3 Horsemen and 7 Plagues of Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer

The horsemen need a trumpeter and it’s played excellently by fellow traveler Jen Psaki.

(1) Inflation
(2) Violent Crime / Defunding the Police
(3) Foreign Policy (Afghanistan, China, and Russia)
(4) Authoritarian COVID Measures
(5) Corporate Fascism (SJWs + CRT)
(6) Censorship via Big Tech and Media
(7) Weaponized and Woke Federal Agencies

Weekend 498.1

You rulers, do you render justice? Do you judge your people impartially? No! You devise wickedness in your hearts, and your hands bring about violence on the earth. – Ps 58:2-3

Reflection: The truth cannot be denied. And the truth is that human leaders often play favorites and frequently care little for fairness; rather, they care for themselves and their interests. Knowing this, we do not reject human leaders. We do, however, refuse to put our stock in them. We put our stock in God, and we pray to Him on their behalf.

Source: Daily Meditations on the Psalms

(1) There is a Double Standard in BLM, Capitol Protests… (FPM)

(2) President Biden and Progressive Catholic Fantasyland (The Catholic World Report)

“In a perverse and disturbing sense that is, of course, true. For the package in question is built on the foundation of a false anthropology of expressive individualism, in which the human person is reduced to a bundle of morally commensurable desires, the satisfaction of which is the duty of the state under the rubric of protecting “human rights.” But if the idea of “human rights” is traduced into the law’s endorsement of virtually any form of personal willfulness, then democracy is gravely imperiled.”

“The claim that President Biden, whose grip on basic Catholic social doctrine principles is as insecure as his piety is genuine, will revive the dying progressive Catholic project seems ill-founded: more like a trip to Fantasyland than a likely outcome of the challenging four years ahead.”

(2a) Compromise: In Lieu Of Eucharist, Priest To Offer Biden Non-Blessed But Delicious Nilla Wafer (Babylon Bee)

(3) The Washington Post has been ‘caught out’ by its lies (YouTube)

(4) Parents Are Standing Up To Critical Race Theory (United We Stand)

(5) Unsafe Space: YouTube Suspends Us for 14 Days

(6) Experts: Thornton Talks Business (YouTube)

The colours in the swatch were inspired by “Monks at their Devotions, 15th C.” by Macmillan’s History Pictures.