Elon, Twitter, Free Speech and Capitalism

Do you remember the GameStop short squeeze? There’s a relationship between it and the offer from Elon for Twitter. The common thread is the existential threat the hoi polloi (deplorables, plebs, and the rabble) represent to the elites, and whilst Elon isn’t a commoner, he holds provincial thoughts (wrongthink) about free speech that cannot challenge officially sanctioned narratives™.

And the common man also understands with a certain deftness the old George Carlin bit about the club. Joel Kotkin says the working classes are ready to erupt but the swamp is deep and not the caged animal described by some patriots.

Disney Hires Former Clinton Hack

Disney (NYSE: GROMR) has hired former Clinton (and Obama) propagandist Kristina Schake as executive vice president of global communications.

Disney CEOs have a long history of being cozy with the Clintons. Here’s Michael Eisner waxing poetically about Hillary in the Hollywood Reporter.

The Real Disney Madness: Turns out the Woketeers aren’t very business-savvy. (The American Spectator)

“The queer agenda Rufo exposed made top Disney executives seem more like child abusers. In the videos, executive producer Latoya Raveneau (The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder) says, ‘Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda.'”

It looks like SJWs have set their sights on Kingdom Hearts. There isn’t a slice of pop culture they haven’t appropriated for their cause (sports, entertainment, and education). It’s just a matter of time before this wonderful franchise is upended by a retcon (or some similar device) like Star Wars (Disney), Ghostbusters (Sony), and Lord of the Rings (Amazon).

Kingdom Hearts Referenced in ‘The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder’ on Disney+; Sora’s Dive to the Heart & Destiny Islands (Noisy Pixel)

Critics Of The New York Times’ Ben Rhodes Profile Miss The Point (The Heritage Foundation)

The relationship between the media and the democratic party is incestuous (as evidenced by Ben Rhodes and Psaki).

Panetta is also mentioned in this article and he’s one of the experts who dismissed the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop. The swamp is deep and includes groomers and deviants of all sorts working for the same cause.

GOP demands ‘experts’ who dismissed Hunter Biden laptop fess up — or face subpoenas (NY Post)

Michael Sussmann is a Clinton hack caught lying to the FBI.

Boycott Woke Disney

“I don’t believe [the Communist Party] is a political party. I believe it is an un-American thing…And I feel that they really ought to be smoked out and shown up for what they are, so that all of the good, free causes in this country, all the liberalisms that really are American, can operate freely without the taint of Communism.” — Walt Disney

(1) The Regressive Corruption of Disney is So Much Worse Than We Thought (Townhall)

(2) Defund this filthy company and address your addiction (YoungRippa59)

(3) ‘Disgusting’: World Cup Player Shares Proof He’s Deleting Disney+ Over Company’s ‘Not-At-All-Secret’ Gay Agenda (Daily Wire)

Adolf Hitler or Justin Trudeau?

“The small, fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.” — Justin Trudeau

(1) Justin Trudeau RESPONDS to Trucker Convoy (YouTube)

Public Enemy #1

“This demonization was the final element towards making this the most brutal as well as the bloodiest day in English history. A low point of barbarity had been reached.” — George Goodwin, Fatal Colours

Is it Anthony Fauci, Randi Weingarten, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg?

(1) Mark Zuckerberg Named ‘Scoundrel of the Year’ for Creating ‘Worst Website in the World’ (Newsweek)

(2) Viganò appeals to US patriots (Church Militant)

“How was it possible to arrive at such a betrayal? How have we come to be considered enemies by those who govern us, not in support of the common good, but rather to feed a hellish machine of death and slavery?”

(3) Quote from Fatal Colours by George Goodwin:

“Some of the ‘Northern men’ nevertheless managed to reach the swift deep waters of Cock Beck, perhaps trying to make for the bridge across it — not knowing that it had already been destroyed. What then? The answer lies at the far end of Bloody Meadow as it bends around the side of the northern plateau and as Cock Beck itself snakes to the east. Today it is secluded, tree-lined and shaded, but in the late afternoon gloom of Palm Sunday 1461, it bore a very different aspect. In place of the bridge that the Lancastrians, to protect the rear of their position, had themselves destroyed before the battle — just as they had at Tadcaster — another one began to rise from the depths to the top of the waters. This was a bridge formed by men who had been dragged under the surface, whether by the press of their comrades or because their multi-layered jacks continued absorbing water until they became as heavy, perhaps heavier, than the armor of the horseless, stranded-men-at-arms flailing through the water. It was also partly formed by others, who, slowed to a standstill in the crush of crossing, had proved easy targets for arrow or hammer. It now became a horrific lifeline as the men struggled over their dead comrades. Its name survives to this day: the Bridge of Bodies.”

Fascism and Fauci

(1) Medical Fascism, or, the Doctrine of Vaccination (The Pipeline)

“The National Library of Medicine informs us that more than half of all German physicians joined the Nazi Party, ‘surpassing the Party enrollments of all other professions.’ Another study observes that research has shifted to elucidating the motivations of the medical community for such a transition from healer to political operative, incentives that include the glorification of the profession, improved incomes, and purging the profession of undesirables. As always, the political juggernaut advances under the mantle of national health, leading to a society that has been effectively vaccinated against democratic governance.”

(2) We broke everything in the name of COVID (America Greatness)

“And what is President Asterisk doing in response? He’s imposing vaccine mandates, extending unemployment benefits, waging a war on fossil fuels, expanding the regulatory state, spending like a drunken sailor (apologies to drunken sailors), and pursuing increased taxation. He isn’t nursing the engine back up to speed. He’s doing everything possible to throw gravel into the gears — just like the gremlin he is.”

Saint Fauci

(1) Report: Fauci’s NIH Division Partially Funded Insects Eating Beagles Alive (Breitbart)

(2) Fauci Awarded $1 Million Israeli Prize For ‘Speaking Truth To Power’ Amid Pandemic (NPR)

(3) Fauci’s agency admits it funded gain-of-function work in Wuhan: What else are they keeping from us? (NY Post)

(4) The internet got a glimpse of Dr. Fauci’s home office and they want more (Mashable)

(5) In ‘Fauci,’ A Big-screen Portrait of a Pandemic Superstar (WTTW)

(6) Joan Baez discusses her ‘mutual fanship’ with Fauci (The Hill)

(7) He belongs under a prison (YoungRippa59)