Climate Change Zealots

Don’t underestimate the heinous acts a zealot will take to protect their faith. The elites like John Kerry really believe, as a matter of faith, the climate change “experts” who predict the imminent collapse of civilization.

The push for higher energy prices were telegraphed by Obama and Biden (or his handlers) have picked up the mantra. Biden is making up for lost time since Obama preferred gradual versus shockingly abrupt. The elites want $10.00 per gallon gasoline and $250/$300 per barrel oil. Are their motives purely about accelerating the transition to green energy? How much stock do these elites own in green energy companies?

What’s going on in Joe Biden’s mind? (The New Neo)

Weekend 527.1

“When a sieve is shaken, the husks appear; so do one’s faults when one speaks. As the test of what the potter molds is in the furnace, so in tribulation is the test of the just. The fruit of a tree shows the care it has had; so too does one’s speech disclose the bent of one’s mind. Praise no one before he speaks, for it is then that people are tested.”
Sir 27:4-7

Back to the potters wheel for a second…

On the train back to London and a couple of dandies’ (classically trained musicians) were throatily arguing for escalation and US involvement in the Ukraine. I was shocked by the uniformity of thought and believe it’s driven by the same kind of mass hysteria used to harden the COVID response. My intent here isn’t to weigh in on the ethical/moral justifications for escalation, but rather to comment on the perniciousness of groupthink. It’s a formula being perfected by those in power and it will undoubtedly be unleashed on anyone (or any group) countering official narratives once this latest crisis passes. So please beware of politicians who use the phrase ‘global democracy’ because it does NOT mean your individual rights but accepting inflation as a patriotic duty¹ or a regulated thermostat or whatever sacrifice the ruling class requires you to accept next for the public good.

Attitudes via Instapundit
Lindsey Graham doubles down on call for Vladimir Putin’s assassination via NY Post

¹Standing up for our values is not without cost.