The Orange Ninja (and other links)

I was at NYCC yesterday with my brother and snapped this photo of the orange ninja. It’s his 15th anniversary.

(1) Naruto Manga Sequel Coming in 2015

(1a) Orange Ninja Factoid from Naruto: The Official Fanbook

“According to the neighborhood records, Naruto’s hobby is gardening. A little surprising, but possibly he sees himself as a seed that would be a flower…”

(2) The Beautifully Dressed Skeletons in Japan’s Closet

Weekend 299.0 (Great Company)

(1) Horst Brandstätter inducted into Hall of Fame by Toy Industry Association (Playmobil Collectors Club)

“He received the award for his outstanding role in the growth and development of the North American Toy Industry and hereby joins famous leaders like F.A.O. Schwarz, George Lucas or Walt Disney.”

(2) One of my photos.

(2a) Need to recreate this frame from Clannad: After Story for

(3) Kogepan!!!!

Weekend 272.0 (22.2 x 21.5 x 9.8 inches)

Greetings Professor Falken. I love McPharlin’s work. It is like a homage to some of my favorite people and things— Chuck “Chuckles” Bueche, paper, Chris Ware, computers, Harry Beck, music, Cabinet Magazine, miniatures, and the WOPR.

(1) Posters of the London Underground (WSJ)

(1a) One final lengthy quote from Earthbound (The Bakerloo Line) by Paul Morley.

“A 1975 Eno album called Discreet Music of sculpted, formless tones drifting to and from the edge of silence was as uncluttered as Harry Beck’s stabilizing, schematic. Tube map first proposed for the then eight lines in 1933 and updated when necessary. His map dragged the nineteenth-century Underground well and truly into the twentieth century, pragmatically and loftily outlining routes, methods, digressions and connections that would make it all the way through to the twenty-first century without becoming passé, apparently quite capable of looking poised and contemporary in the twenty-second century. He transferred the idea of the industrial Underground into a timeless, streamlined concept with a definite image. Discreet Music and Beck’s map of the Underground both eliminated unnecessary, distracting material, ejected literal connectives, and extraordinarily organized carefully selected, ordinary material into a new reality that was simultaneously diminished and enriched.”

(1b) A quote from A Good Parcel of English Soil (The Metropolitan Line) by Richard Mabey

“The opening of the Metropolitan Line — the world’s first urban railway to burrow underground — occurred in the same year (1863) as Professor Lidenbrock’s subterranean adventures in Jules Verne’s fantasy Voyage to the Centre of the Earth, and one way of looking at the London underground is as an expression of nineteenth-century futurism. It grew out of a brew of pastoral dreams, utopian social engineering and sheer technological daredevilry. And out of classic Victorian contradiction. It was a railway to get you away from the railway system.”

Have finished 4 of the 12 books in the series. My favorite so far is Heads and Straights by Lucy Wadham [strange how a single encounter can so deeply affect your view of yourself].

(2) Eight Surefire Shade Flowers (WSJ)

(2a) A quote from Victor Hugo:

“To observe the city edge is to observe an amphibian. End of trees, beginning of roofs, end of grass, beginning of paving stones, end of ploughed fields, beginning of shops, the end of the beaten track, the beginning of passions, the end of the murmur of things divine, the beginning of the noise of humankind.”

I read that quote and immediately think of the opening sequences in Hayao Miyazaki’s / Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away and The Secret World of Arrietty.

(3) Alarm Clocks That Are the Most Foolproof (WSJ)

(4) Gorgeous ORANGE bike

(5) Battleship (flea market find) and Battleship at Sea (1892-95) by Edward Hopper

(5a) Veronica Schmitt was featured in Bicycle Times #24. She is inspired by Hopper and “le petite reine” (the little queen). My favorite quote: “I love to paint bicycles. Primarily because I love to bike, so it moves me. But also because, to me, it conveys a feeling of freedom. It depicts a quiet and passing moment in life.”

(6) Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX: Disney And Square Enix Offer A Look At The Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Art Book

(7) Libraries Partner with Local Airports (Library Journal)

(7a) Brian Eno Ambient 1: Music for Airports (Whole Album) (HQ)

(8) Clue #2

Image: Miniatures by Dan McPharlin

Weekend 235.0

(1) D23 Presents Armchair Archivist: The Magic of Models and Miniatures

(2) Last Exile: First Impressions (Twenty Sided)

I finished the series and now I’m thoroughly depressed (like when I finished KH1 or watched the last episode of the Macross Saga). I’ll post a review in the not so distant future but Shamus Young (see above) does a fine job.

(3) Living in the City – Good documentary from Andrew Marr.

Weekend 233.0 (Contrails)

Disney's Music Land

Anime Update: I’ve finally started watching Last Exile. This is older animation now but the story is addictive. I’m not as invested in these characters as I was with Clannad After Story but I’ve only watched 4/5 episodes. I do like Lavie and Tatiana Wisla is a first-class bad ass.

September and October are shaping up to be heavy travel months SO I’m going to use my time-in-transit to read Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities by Stanley Kurtz. I’m also going to start Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Did you know Kingdom Hearts is celebrating its 10th Anniversary?

(1) A Pox On American Society

(1a) Guidebooks to the City of the Future (WSJ)

(1b) A Peace Corps for Civic-Minded Geeks (WSJ)

(2) This Man Wants to Clothe the Planet (WSJ)

(3) E-Books, A Breakup: A gadget lover ends a long-term relationship with his e-reader and rediscovers the joys of paper (WSJ)

New England Spring Rain

I have nothing to post but wanted an excuse to use this image from Clannad After Story. I have one episode left which I plan on watching tonight. I’m not sure I entirely understood the storyline but could grasp the bits about fate/destiny, human suffering (and M-theory). There was a fantastic quote in episode 15 about prayer (really) I have to transcribe.

“…of course that doesn’t mean you can pray and magically have all your wishes come true. But still, I think if you push and shove with all you got until the bitter end, even if it ain’t a miracle, the results won’t be all that bad.”

I wonder if the writer(s) of Fringe watched this anime?

Weekend 223.1 (filaments and figments)

The End of the World“Detailing his stories in meticulous and carefully crafted artwork, Chris Ware lays out an irresistibly beautiful world of deficits and defects. While nowadays a seemingly endless archive of superhero comics is shamelessly exploited for bland 3D animated blockbusters, Chris Ware set out to prove the narrative potential of visual writing. In stark contrast to the loud colors and simplistic world of action figures, he proposes a quiet and introverted vision in muted shades of nostalgia, exploring topics of social isolation, emotional pain and personal failure in modern life.”
— MOMO.KULTUR #30 WINTER 2011/12

The Wild World of Imagination (WSJ)

“Even amid his creative cohort, as represented here, Sendak stands out for his unusual bluntness and the way in which his picture-book career seemed less a source of artistic delight than an extended exorcism.”

‡ Image is from Clannad After Story, Episode 21 “The End of the World”.