London Station Group (Collect ‘Em All)

There are 18 railway stations served by the National Rail network in central London. My goal is to explore and photograph each. Here’s a quick list / summary to date of those I’ve visited (and travelled to/from). My favorite station in the LSG is Euston whilst my favorite destination station (not terminal) is Harlow Town. Harlow Town (1959) was featured in British Rail Architecture 1948-97 (pgs. 76-81) by David Lawrence and was described in Architectural Review as the “first and most convincing fulfilment of the promise of better railway architecture in Britain.”

Station Destination
Victoria Canterbury East / Dover / Portsmouth & Southsea
Liverpool StreetHarlow Town
King’s CrossBury St Edmunds / Ely / Cambridge / York / Durham / Lincoln
St Pancras International Paris / Ramsgate
EustonLancaster / Hereford / Stoke
Paddington Bournemouth / Plymouth / Oxford

(1) The Central line to Harlow? It could happen… (Secret London)

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