Weekend 459.1

“A station is far more than a group of buildings where the passenger catches [the] train, buys a ticket, a meal or a newspaper. It expresses the very nature of rail transport. The new stations, with their functional look, provide for a smooth flow of passengers of all times. Clear sign-posting, logical arrangement of essential […]

Weekend 459.0

(1) A couple of quotes from Paul by N.T. Wright: “What matters, I think, is the way in which the letters covers so many moods and situations, the way in which, like the great music of our own classical tradition, they can find you at every stage of life, in every joy and sorrow, chance […]

Weekend 456.0

“It is a difficult and rare virtue to mean what we say, to love without dissimulation, to think no evil, to bear no grudge, to be free from selfishness, to be innocent and straight-forward.” — Lead, Kindly, Light (1) The art of imitation – 19th century Islamic revivalism (The British Museum) (2) A poem by […]

Christmas 2019 Sabbatical

(1) Glenn Gould’s U.S. Television Debut: Bernstein Conducting Bach’s Keyboard Concerto No. 1 in D minor (YouTube) (2) The link between Haruki Murakami / Seiji Ozawa and Kingdom Hearts via Absolutely on Music. Murakami: Keiko Fuji’s daughter is very active nowadays as a singer. Ozawa: Oh, really? Murakami: She calls herself Hikaru Utada. When I […]

2019 Advent Retreat at St. Joseph’s Abbey (Part 1)

“Take away from a traveler the hope of arriving, and his courage to go on is broken.” — William of Saint Thierry My retreats are a bit like book ends and it was interesting to read / compare my journal entries between them. The exercise of comparing entries isn’t all that groundbreaking but there’s a […]

Thanksgiving 2019

(1) American Interior (1935) by Charles Sheeler (2) Game Over: How technology forced traditional toys to evolve (Vera) (3) Great Western Railway: Adventures with the Famous Five (YouTube) (4) A couple of quotes from British Rail Architecture 1948-97 by David Lawrence: “Any designed object or space will have an appearance intended to attract the eye […]

Weekend 454.0

A couple of quotes from Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History by Roy Adkins and Lesley Adkins: “Previously governor of Greenwich Hospital, Hardy† had earlier in the year been put in charge of the Channel Fleet, in what was a political rather than a military appointment.” “Despite Admiral Hardy’s widely criticized handling of the […]

Weekend 452.0

(1) La Moselle // 6 Rue du Pont des Morts, 57000 Metz, France

Weekend 451.0

“Music, of course, is an art that occurs through time.” — Seiji Ozawa (1) Au Plat d’Etain (2) Quotes from Absolutely On Music by Haruki Murakami: “In the Boston version of the Fantastique we heard before, you’re constantly adjusting every little detail: the tempo changes from one part to the next, the color of the […]

Weekend 450.0

“Our most important task is to search for an effective passageway through the wall—and two people who share a natural affinity for an art, any art, will be sure to find that passageway.” — Haruki Murakami (1) It’s a Playmobil World After All! (Animation Magazine)

Weekend 449.0

(1) Thurifer angel (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona) (2) Mandorla (Wikipedia)

Weekend 448.0

(1) Academics ignore the anniversary of 1984 because they know they’re living it out (Washington Examiner) (2) How disease, war and a remote Scottish island inspired George Orwell’s ‘1984’ (NY Post)

Orval Abbey

“Light and shadow are the speakers of this architecture of truth, calm and strength. And nothing more adds to it.” — Le Corbusier Visited the Orval Abbey in Belgium last weekend. I’m still sorting through the photographs but will post something shortly. Part 1: The JourneyThe journey is part of the adventure and this tale […]

Weekend 447.0

Almost 1 month since my last post. I just finished Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History by Roy Adkins and Lesley Adkins and now have a used copy of Rock Of Contention: A History of Gibraltar by George Hills. This second book I found at The Abbey Bookstore. My plan is to next visit […]

Weekend 444.0

(1) Disneyland Paris reimagines its events offer (Exhibition World) (2) This post has some amazing personal significance! #serendipity Today marks 50 years since the first flight of #Concorde. See some striking stamp designs to commemorate the occasion -> https://t.co/UR4N3p0us3…or see it in real-life @BrooklandsMuseu for their special day of celebration! pic.twitter.com/ExbKE4SrYY — The Postal Museum […]