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Weekend 283.0 (You’re the bloody barrister!)

(1) Miniature City Models Around the World: From the Panorama of the City of New York to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, downscaled versions of real places (WSJ) “Why do tiny things delight us so? From early childhood we’re captivated by model train sets and dollhouses, miniature worlds that can inspire flights of imagination. We […]

For the love…

…of tyres / tires (and signage)! The Walker Tire Company of Austin (6926 N. Lamar Blvd.) was featured in the December issue of Austin Monthly (subscription required). Image courtesy of the Limestone Roof Photo Archives.

Weekend 215.0 (Inventors Edition)

(1) The Nucleus of the Digital Age: In pursuit of hydrogen bombs, a math genius and a brilliant tinkerer in Princeton developed the modern computer (WSJ) (2) A related quote from Breaking Ground by Daniel Libeskind “Nobody has captured that awakening as exquisitely as Marcel Proust in Time Regained, when the narrator trips against ‘the […]

Weekend 209.1 (Tires/Tyres)

Yeah. I’ve added a category for tires/tyres because of my obsession with vulcanized rubber. Photographs of tires/tyres for me are like hi-res food shots to foodies. I watched Tokyo Story last night and Noriko [Setsuko Hara] was employed by the Yoneyama Trading Company whose business was tires apparently (?). Speaking of pron; here is some […]