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Weekend 488.2

Went to Mass at St. George’s Cathedral in Southwark. It was the first Roman Catholic Cathedral in London since the Reformation. It was also severely damaged in WWII by an incendiary bomb and visited by his Holiness Pope John Paul II in 1982. The outside of the cathedral is very modest whilst the interior is […]


The one on the west coast. I was there for a long weekend and in traditional limestone fashion wanted to draft a top ten… (1) The Hollywood Theater at PDX. My favorite shorts from the Summer Program are Oregon: Only Slightly Exaggerated and The Famished Frog. I also liked The Water’s Fine because it reminds […]

Weekend 350.0

“On earth we are wayfarers, always on the go. This means that we have to keep on moving forward. Therefore be always unhappy about what you are if you want to reach what you are not.” – St. Augustine (1) China’s Ghost Cities (YouTube) (2) Light, time, legacy: Francis Towne’s watercolours review – the romance […]

Weekend 346.0 (Aloft from earth’s far boundaries)

(1) A quote from David Pryce-Jones: “For centuries, the character of Christian nations was formed and maintained by church architecture, stained glass, missals and poems like The Song of Roland, icons and frescoes, and statues and depictions of biblical motifs that even the greatest sculptors and painters concentrated on. Without such common belief and purpose, […]

Weekend 277.1 (…goodness which gives extras)

(1) Book Review: ‘Secrets of Disney’s Glorious Gardens’ (2) Ancient art form enjoying a revival (Middle East Interiors) “Stained glass adds an unparalleled sense of art, peace and history, something to complement today’s architecture. It may also have some literature or figurative motif, an episode created from life or literature, cartoon characters and so on, […]

Weekend 277.0 (Autumn Biking Adventures)

(1) This App Will Help You Find A Quiet Space In The Loud, Bustling City (1a) Metro-North Commuters Slog to Work: After Power Outage, It Could Be Days Before Normalcy Returns to New Haven Line (WSJ) On the plus side, diesel locos from Stamford! (2) A quote from The Blue Riband (The Piccadilly Line) by […]

Weekend 265.0 (Ponte Santa Trinita)

Bit of a creative rut lately (and very busy) but optimistic upcoming bike events (and coffee) will provide inspiration. (1) Album review: Daft Punk, Random Access Memories (2) Meditation on Mortality (WSJ) “In 1759, on the night before the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, British Gen. James Wolfe either recited the […]

Weekend 222.1 (Bike Expo New York)

I attended Bike Expo New York on Saturday and rode the Brompton from Grand Central to Basketball City (Pier 36). This was the inaugural show and the venue/format/programming was good. I also believe this show will look very different (more exhibitors and bigger crowds) in 2013+ because of the growing popularity of cycling. The biggest […]

Weekend 214.0 (Almost)

(1) The scan is from The Art of the The Secret World of Arrietty. I can’t scan the entire book BUT will add the abandoned gazebo (not tea house) in the garden that was featured in the final shot of the film. (1a) A Dollhouse Fit for a Queen (1b) Spoils! (2) A Bicycle Built […]

Weekend 213.0 (Arrietty)

My one sentence review of Arrietty. “Arrietty is adorable, diminutive, and special and the last scene features a tea house with stained glass windows.” I can’t draft anything that isn’t biased. I love Miyazaki and small things. The backgrounds were gorgeous and the music and characters were great. I love it (for very personal and […]

Weekend 212.0 (“time stays around us like pools of color”)

(1) The Pursuit of Presence (WSJ) “All of his poems are inextricably linked to the places where they were written. For much of his adult life, Mr. Bonnefoy spent his summers with his wife in an abandoned monastery in Provence.” It’s snowing. Under the flakes, a door opens at last On the garden beyond the […]

Weekend 211.0 (Some break the rules, and live to count the cost)

(1) Fully Booked: Architect Annabelle Selldorf decodes the Morgan Library’s lofty design (WSJ) (2) Life With and Without Tradition (WSJ) (a) “The story is a cleverly constructed parable about the collision of orthodoxy and modernity, and it illustrates the author’s most rewarding themes: the emptiness of living without traditions and the perils of stubbornly clinging […]

Weekend 206.0

(1) Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1373 (2) Fantastic hyperrealistic oil paintings by Steve Mills (3) Ways to Manage an Image (WSJ) (3a) The Art and Soul of Disney (4) Jean Nouvel: The Pritzker-winning French architect checks in on hotels, carousels and burning down the house (WSJ) (5) Nintendo Introduces Free Airport Hotspots For 3DS Users (5a) […]

Now your ageless bell…

“A date, being mere kronos, has no character. It is almost nothing. It is a one-dimensional line, the circumference. A line can have no color. Only kairos, only a two-dimensional segment of the circle, can have character, and color.” — Peter Kreeft The scan is from an art book inspired by the “Ave Maria” segment […]