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Unfamilar Shrines

(1) From secret doorways to hidden messages, captivating illustrations reveal the stories behind New York’s mosaic Subway signs (Daily Mail) Credit: Stephen L (2) The Narcissistic Creed: When preening replaces thinking, our ability to engage in responsible self-government is diminished (National Review) “But they are enchanted by the unique witchcraft of the age of social […]

Weekend 280.0

I always post lists without any context so this post concludes with some [context]. And highly experimental since pronouns are rubbish. (1) ‘Mars Attacks’ again, 50 years later (USA Today) (2) The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival Ends (2a) Chris Ware: ‘There is a magic when you read an image that moves in your mind’ […]

For the love…

…of tyres / tires (and signage)! The Walker Tire Company of Austin (6926 N. Lamar Blvd.) was featured in the December issue of Austin Monthly (subscription required). Image courtesy of the Limestone Roof Photo Archives.

Weekend 239.0 (Cycling Weekend)

(1) My Orange Brompton: A blog for those who want, own or love Brompton Folding Bicycles. (1a) This cat has great taste in colour (and he seems to have a tyre fetish). He also rides in and about Richmond, London which is the penultimate in neatness since I occasionally travel there. Images of Richmond courtesy […]

Weekend 185.0 (Austin Edition)

(1) Austin Museum of Art (AMOA) (1a) GOOD DESIGN: stories from herman miller (2) Game On (Austin Monthly) – Short article about Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) and the video game industry in Austin. (2a) Ulitma IV, Apple IIe (2b) South by Southwest Interactive (3) Dining in Austin? Limestone recommends La Traviata Wall Street Journal […]

Weekend 175.0

“One realizes oneself only one piece at a time.” — Marcel Proust, The Fugitive (1) Christo Without Jeanne-Claude – Where monuments pretend to endure, their work suggests the fleeting nature of our grandest gestures. A romantic might say that each piece evokes the way even the most dedicated passion will be undone by time. The […]

Weekend 143.0

What: National Trust For Historic Preservation: Next American City/Next American Landscape When: October 27-30, 2010 Where: Austin, Texas