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Weekend 517.0

Early start; I got my reasons. (1) Fringe Intro [1985] [HD] (2) Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse Of Reason – Remixed & Updated will be released on 29 October 2021 (3) Two books from Steven Levy that should be on every shelf: (3a) Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution (3b) Insanely Great: The Life and […]

Viganò, Fauci and the cuckoo’s nest

Draw your own conclusions… (1) Viganò on Vatican ‘health’ conference with Fauci (LIFE Site) (2) ABP. VIGANÒ: DECLARATION ON ‘FIFTH INTERNATIONAL VATICAN CONFERENCE’ (Church Militant) (3) Fauci Awarded $1 Million Israeli Prize For ‘Speaking Truth To Power’ Amid Pandemic (NPR) (4) One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (YouTube)

Weekend 487.1

(1) Viacom/CBS, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIAC), a publicly traded company, goes full commie. Does anyone remember MomCorp from Futurama? >>> The Star Trek Communist Hopes Star Trek Can Inspire A Real Revolution (1a) ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish’s Pay Rises to $39 Million in 2020 (Hollywood Reporter) (1b) Viacom Stock Is A Bargain Pullback Opportunity (Investing.com)

Weekend 487.0 (XK-120)

(1) Let’s play 2400 A.D., a futuristic Ultima-like!

Weekend 486.2 (LETSGO)

(1) I’m replaying 2400 AD by Chuck “Chuckles” Bueche. I’m using a IIe emulator called AppleWin ( You can find the ROM Images on sites like ftp.apple.asimov.net. (1a) Matt Chat 241: Chuck “Chuckles” Bueche on 2400 AD (YouTube) Archived Content(569A) Robots, robots, robots… (11.27.07)(4E6B) That’s not Bender (11.29.07)(6CA5) Robot Mugshot (12.30.07)

Weekend 416.0

Added two designer/artists/illustrators to the ‘Ink & Paint’ roll call: (1) Rick Guidice – He was featured in Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino. His work for NASA could have been used in Spaceship Earth and/or Horizons. See also Robert McCall and Herbert Ryman. (2) Ryo Takemasa – Japanese illustrator featured in My Modern Met.

That great fiction…

(1) We Live In The Dystopia Young Adult Fiction Warns Us About: Young adult fiction is awash in projections of a dystopian future, yet we’re still sliding into that future, and young adults are going along with it. (The Federalist) “Complain about any of this, and where will it get you? Anyone who expresses dissent […]

Weekend 374.0 (XR-1)

“In a series of remarkable episodes that began airing in 1995, Disney tapped the best experts he could find to sketch humanity’s space future – literally “sketch” as animator Ward Kimball brought the dry explanations of scientists to squiggly-lined life.” – Brian Fies, Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? Images are from Walt Disney’s […]