Weekend 193.0 (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)

(1) Window of the World (2) FIAT Drive In (3) Ryōmō Line (3a) East Japan Railway Company (3b) Iwafune Station (3c) Tribute to Makoto Shinkai (Part III) (4) Tony Parsons jets into Heathrow airport as writer-in-residence (4a) Heathrow writers-in-residence give new meaning to airport novels (5) The One Airport to Avoid Is… (WSJ)

Weekend 192.1

(1) Trouble on the China Express (WSJ) In a blistering essay titled “The Derailed Country,” posted online this past week and then quickly removed by censors, Han Han, one of China’s most popular bloggers, mocked the leadership for what he characterized as a heartless approach to development. “They think: ‘We built this. We built that. […]

Weekend 191.0

(1) Un’Introduzione al Disegno Italiano (2) China Train Crash Shows Fast Expansion Problems (3) Spending dispute halts airport construction (3a) Dulles Metro station should be functional and awe-inspiring (3b) Airports authority endorses aboveground Dulles rail station (4) It’s a new day.

Weekend 190.0

Absolutely gorgeous summer day in New England! (1) Bright Colors Struggle to Bloom in South Korea’s Silver-Car Nation (WSJ) (2) Adventure on the Rails (WSJ Magazine) (3) Custom Cycling’s Big Wheel (WSJ) He hired two people to take care of the business side of the shop. ‘The big thing I have learned is to free […]

Thomas Friedman was devastated…

China’s High-Speed Rail, Highly Suspect Related High Speed Rail To Nowhere…Winning The Future A Wasted Billion At A Time

Weekend 160.0 (WSJ Edition)

(1) The Twilight of Battle The Fighting Temeraire by J.M.W. Turner “The great battleship being towed up the Thames by a squat, steam-powered paddle-wheel tug. All the glory of the past is being dragged to oblivion beneath the cloud-haunted light of a setting sun. It is a picture that tells a story, and it is […]

Sanriku Railways in Iwate Prefecture

Title: Sanriku Railway Company’s 25th Anniversary Illustration: Mibu Natsuki

Weekend 159.0

Metro-North Pulls Ahead Disney Profit Declines 6.7% Advertising students at Northwood University working on Honda campaign (My Alma Mater) “The point is when they want to paint you as nuts and yahoos, don’t help them paint you as nuts and yahoos.” – Peggy Noonan

Weekend 152.0

(1) Review: 2011 Honda CR-Z – This car looks like it was plucked from Walt Disney’s vision of the future (EPCOT). (2) Cruising Across Campus? Get This Cozy Commuter (3) Volvelle (Wheel Chart) (4) Thinking Outside the Stocks

Weekend 150.1 (Wall Street Journal)

(1) High-Speed-Rail Costs Irk States (2) Information Overload Is Nothing New (3) Who’s ObamaCare’s Daddy? (4) The End of Management

Weekend 145.0

(1) Train Etiquette – A grumpy 22 year old’s code of locomotive conduct. (2) A Modest Proposal for Improving a Dull Game (WSJ) “Poor Ghana has been triumphed over by British, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Danish colonialists, the Kwame Nkrumah regime, a CIA-sponsored coup and at least four other coups just since the 1900s. But […]