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Weekend 277.0 (Autumn Biking Adventures)

(1) This App Will Help You Find A Quiet Space In The Loud, Bustling City (1a) Metro-North Commuters Slog to Work: After Power Outage, It Could Be Days Before Normalcy Returns to New Haven Line (WSJ) On the plus side, diesel locos from Stamford! (2) A quote from The Blue Riband (The Piccadilly Line) by […]

Medieval Modernists

(1) Public Transportation Affects Home Values (Fox Business) (2) What Makes Iconic Design: Lessons from the Visual History of the London Underground Logo

Weekend 273.0 (Train-spotters)

(1) A quote from What We Talk About When We Talk About The Tube (The District Line) by John Lanechester “When you start researching the Underground, you soon realize there’s a reason why trainspotters are generally regarded as setting the gold standard for nerdy knowledgeability about a subject. In America, train-spotters are known as ‘foamers’, […]

Weekend 267.0 (Unfinished Symphonies)

How does a bicycling monk spend his weekend? Started Saturday by biking to mass (need to do this more often) and then to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new bike/walk route: (1) Like bikes? Fairfield offers new path to enjoyment: Bicyclists take an inaugural ride on the the new Mill Plain Road bike/walk route […]

Weekend 236.0

(1) Klaus Biesenbach: The Museum of Modern Art curator, who’s cultivated his own celebrity status, on why art should be disruptive and deeply inspiring, and need not hang preciously on the walls. (WSJ Magazine) “Museums used to be places where you couldn’t buy anything, so it’s important now that museums be participatory without being stores. […]


Older articles but something I wanted to keep… (1) Royal Mail scrap bicycles for safety reasons (2) Brompton Launches London Bike Share Program (2a) South West Trains Launches UK’s First ‘Self Service’ Brompton Bicycle Rental Scheme (2b) The Brompton Dock (2c) Brompton Dock set to go nationwide

Thanksgiving 2011

(1) Playmofan (2) The Original Disneyland Hotel (2a) Disneyland Hotel interior lobby area (3) Christmas and winter photoshop styles (4) “We are writing a primer on planning for the same people which probably is an indication that the American industrialists are replacing the intellectual liberal in whatever his role is as defender of the intangible […]

Weekend 202.0

(1) Great quote from a commenter on NRO: My point is that here’s a guy who might be amenable to a pro-business conversion, if someone would explain it to him, instead of just commiserating with him (as the article does) or ridiculing him (as some posters here have done). I bet most of these OWS […]

Weekend 200.0 (Post NYCC)

(1) MTA Swipes Show Subway Trends (WSJ) Wait for the A train at the Aqueduct Racetrack stop, and one in four people standing with you will likely be a senior citizen. But at the Bedford Avenue stop on the L train—in the middle of hipster Williamsburg—less than 1% use a senior-discount MetroCard. (2) Why the […]

Weekend 191.0

(1) Un’Introduzione al Disegno Italiano (2) China Train Crash Shows Fast Expansion Problems (3) Spending dispute halts airport construction (3a) Dulles Metro station should be functional and awe-inspiring (3b) Airports authority endorses aboveground Dulles rail station (4) It’s a new day.

Weekend 179.0

(1) China’s train wreck (2) The Disappearing Dollar (3) Is “Conservative Environmentalist” an Oxymoron?

Weekend 178.0

(1) Sic Transit Gloria: A Bus Museum Fails to Gain Traction (Wall Street Journal) (1a) IBM App Predicts How Your Commute Will Go (Wired) (2) Is ‘Nudging’ Really Enough? (Wall Street Journal) – Do you think Cass Sunstein has ever read Notes from Underground? (3) Leaving the Right Impression (Wall Street Journal) “Heritage” Movement—a nostalgia-tinged […]

Weekend 177.0

(1) Best feet forward: Fairfield forum for cyclists, walkers (Fairifeld Citizen) (2) The Sleepless Elite: Why Some People Can Run on Little Sleep and Get So Much Done (Wall Street Journal) (3) How Smartphones Can Improve Public Transit (4) George Osborne must act before Britain is sucked into the euro whirlpool (5) Knowing What Isn’t […]

Weekend 175.0

“One realizes oneself only one piece at a time.” — Marcel Proust, The Fugitive (1) Christo Without Jeanne-Claude – Where monuments pretend to endure, their work suggests the fleeting nature of our grandest gestures. A romantic might say that each piece evokes the way even the most dedicated passion will be undone by time. The […]

Thomas Friedman was devastated…

China’s High-Speed Rail, Highly Suspect Related High Speed Rail To Nowhere…Winning The Future A Wasted Billion At A Time