Weekend 233.0 (Contrails)

Anime Update: I’ve finally started watching Last Exile. This is older animation now but the story is addictive. I’m not as invested in these characters as I was with Clannad After Story but I’ve only watched 4/5 episodes. I do like Lavie and Tatiana Wisla is a first-class bad ass. September and October are shaping […]

Weekend 230.0

(1) Theatrical Debut of Groundbreaking Animated Short Paperman Slated for November 2 (1a) Disney Short: Paperman Featurette #1 Paperclips – The Idea (HD) (1b) Poster and Plot Revealed For Disney Short ‘Paperman’ [Updated] (2) Naming The Next Kingdom Hearts Game Field Trip Took Burgoyne to the MET to see Cloud City by Tomas Saraceno. We […]

Weekend 226.1

New in Disney (1) Pixar Week: My Top Ten Pixar Experiences at Walt Disney World (2) Walt and the Promise of Progress City by Sam Gennawey (3) Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two by Disney (4) Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance by Square Enix

Weekend 206.0

(1) Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1373 (2) Fantastic hyperrealistic oil paintings by Steve Mills (3) Ways to Manage an Image (WSJ) (3a) The Art and Soul of Disney (4) Jean Nouvel: The Pritzker-winning French architect checks in on hotels, carousels and burning down the house (WSJ) (5) Nintendo Introduces Free Airport Hotspots For 3DS Users (5a) […]


“The passion for tiny things–and miniatures were as popular among ordinary dads and secretaries as they were with royalty–is explained by the customary reaction to these dollhouses for grownups. How intricate the workmanship! How miraculous the detail! And all made my hand! Imagine that! Mrs. Thorne’s little rooms in San Francisco, and a second set […]

Tuesday Night Anime

(1) Human Crossing (2) Historically correct disney princesses Aqua: I just cast a magic spell on you. One day when you’re in trouble, the light within you will lead you to the light of another. Someone to keep you safe. Kairi: Thanks! Tweet