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Weekend 288.0

(1) These 20 Pictures Of Expo 67 Will Leave You Speechless. There Are No Words (1a) ‘Norman Bel Geddes: I Have Seen the Future’ (WSJ) (2) As City Cycling Grows, So Does Bike Tax Temptation (3) Horst Brandstätter My Last Meal: The octogenarian head of Playmobil shares lunch at the staff canteen of the company […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013 (ISON Edition)

This is a close approximation! (1) Eastern and Western attitudes about life explained in 18 simple infographics Credit: Felicia (2) Drivers Get Rolled: Bicyclists are making unreasonable claims to the road—and winning (2a) Road safety minister to ride Brompton on tour of London’s danger spots (2b) The Safest Suburb In The World Did It By […]

Weekend 278.0

(1) Linden Green: Design’s Color of the Season (WSJ) (2) Book Review: ‘Why We Build’ by Witold Rybczynski | ‘How Architecture Works’ by Rowan Moore (WSJ – Registration Required) (3) Halloween Colors: Where Did They Come From?

Weekend 277.0 (Autumn Biking Adventures)

(1) This App Will Help You Find A Quiet Space In The Loud, Bustling City (1a) Metro-North Commuters Slog to Work: After Power Outage, It Could Be Days Before Normalcy Returns to New Haven Line (WSJ) On the plus side, diesel locos from Stamford! (2) A quote from The Blue Riband (The Piccadilly Line) by […]

Weekend 276.0

Nice weekend in the northeast (weather-wise). Was able to bike a bit and noticed that the abandoned Free Spirit at the train station has been robbed of its tyres. My home office is in shambles but slowly being reconfigured/reassembled. One of the most amazing things about moving is uncovering and re-discovering “stuff” packed and forgotten […]

Hand-drawn and in 2-D

(1) GASP! (1a) Disney bringing back Mickey Mouse in 2-D shorts (CBS News) (2) A Celebration of Days Gone By (WSJ) (3) 3 Juicy Leadership Lessons From…Boardgames? (Forbes) (4) Toys for Tight Schedules (WSJ)

Weekend 269.0 (July 4th Weekend)

(1) The 10 Best folding bikes: The popularity of folding bikes means there is now a huge range, whether you want one for commuting or rugged off-road riding (The Independent) (1a) Old locomotive flanked by diminutive wheels (Flickr) (2) A Look at Kinn: the US-Made Midtail (Lovely Bicycle!) (2a) Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon […]

Weekend 267.0 (Unfinished Symphonies)

How does a bicycling monk spend his weekend? Started Saturday by biking to mass (need to do this more often) and then to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new bike/walk route: (1) Like bikes? Fairfield offers new path to enjoyment: Bicyclists take an inaugural ride on the the new Mill Plain Road bike/walk route […]

Weekend 263.0

(1) Aqua Man in Manhattan (2) ReDiscovery: An Art Show Inspired by Daft Punk at the Gauntlet Gallery (3) Why Capitol Hill Needs a Churchill Reminder (WSJ) “What really differentiated him from the pragmatic foreign secretary, from the hero-aviator, from the ambivalent philosopher, and from the Indian apostle of nonresistance, was that Churchill’s moral judgment […]

Weekend 256.0

Books (1) Finding Florida: An exhaustive, sometimes disheartening chronicle of the rogues, connivers, hypocrites, scoundrels and thieves in Floridian history. (WSJ – Registration Required) (2) Guidebooks Go Niche: These three travel references find the beauty of playing to small crowds (WSJ) (2a) Hop in the Saddle, A Guide to Portland’s Craft Beer Scene, by Bike […]

Weekend 252.0

(1) No monk is an island but there is snow in the forecast this weekend so; (a) Wall Street Journal, (b) Wall Street Journal Magazine, (c) Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, (d) MONOCLE, (e) Bicycle Times, (f) Rome: A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History by Robert Hughes, (g) Round 5 of the FA Cup, […]

Weekend 243.0

(1) The art of riding in New York City (2) The Quixotic World of Connecticut’s Boutique Bike-Makers: Zen and the Art of Bicycle Building (3) When the Party’s Over (WSJ) (4) A lengthy quote from 194X: Architecture, Planning, and Consumer Culture on the American Home Front by Andrew M. Shanken: “Some of the bias in […]

Weekend 221.0 (It’s all borrowed time)

(1) What Will Survive of Us Rather than words comes the thought of high windows: The sun-comprehending glass, And beyond it, the deep blue air, that shows Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless. – High Windows by Philip Larkin (2) John Pawson, Architect of Restraint (WSJ) “I’ve never studied religion, but I find little […]

Weekend 218.0 (Monuments out of moments)

(1) Espousing the Marriage to Slowness (WSJ) This rhythm ricochets through “Collected Poems,” the complete sentence yielding to a sequence of fragments. The grammar impedes the action, performing the “marriage to slowness” that Mr. Gilbert so deeply espouses, and Bartleby transforms into the poet himself: the lone spectator, watching vigilantly, striving to see beyond what […]

Weekend 211.0 (Some break the rules, and live to count the cost)

(1) Fully Booked: Architect Annabelle Selldorf decodes the Morgan Library’s lofty design (WSJ) (2) Life With and Without Tradition (WSJ) (a) “The story is a cleverly constructed parable about the collision of orthodoxy and modernity, and it illustrates the author’s most rewarding themes: the emptiness of living without traditions and the perils of stubbornly clinging […]