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Weekend 444.0

(1) Disneyland Paris reimagines its events offer (Exhibition World) (2) This post has some amazing personal significance! #serendipity Today marks 50 years since the first flight of #Concorde. See some striking stamp designs to commemorate the occasion -> https://t.co/UR4N3p0us3…or see it in real-life @BrooklandsMuseu for their special day of celebration! pic.twitter.com/ExbKE4SrYY — The Postal Museum […]

Weekend 285.0

(1) ‘Non-Stop’ by Jack El-Hai: How a small local carrier grew into the most debonair of airlines before declining into “Northworst.” (WSJ) (2) 20 Odd Questions for Designer Marcel Wanders (WSJ) “With design, the most common mistake is: to think it’s about functionality. If something is functional, you no longer think about it. I care […]

Weekend 269.0 (July 4th Weekend)

(1) The 10 Best folding bikes: The popularity of folding bikes means there is now a huge range, whether you want one for commuting or rugged off-road riding (The Independent) (1a) Old locomotive flanked by diminutive wheels (Flickr) (2) A Look at Kinn: the US-Made Midtail (Lovely Bicycle!) (2a) Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon […]

Weekend 213.2 (Seat backs and tray tables in their…)

(1) Picnic on the Take-off Strip (2) “Hello Kitty” Air Jet by EVA Airways (3) A5/05: Lufthansa and Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airplane (4) ‘Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight’ Exhibition


(1) Mickey Mouse, A-L-O-N-E (WSJ) (2) Airlines Go Back to Boarding School to Move Fliers Onto Planes Faster (WSJ) (3) I saw El Pulpo last night at a Bridgeport Bluefish game. He pitched one scoreless inning.

Aerotropolis Counter Point

The danger is in the graft…and don’t share this article with Thomas Friedman. Spain Ghost Airports: Symbols of Boom Turned Bust But signs abound that Spain has not fully learned the lessons of its profligate spending. Spain recently announced a high-speed rail link to the sparsely populated northwest region of Galicia, a plan many economists […]

Weekend 188.0

(1) Magnetic Color Cubes® by The Orb Factory (2) Festival of colors (Design You Trust) (3) Birth by Sleep (KH 358/2) (3a) Disney Epic Mickey Digicomics (4) Television: Pan Am Promo Trailer (4a) Community without propinquity: Communities without a sense of place formed by professional, familial, and recreation ties, bound by avocation instead of location. […]

Weekend 187.0

“But if flight represents freedom, reinvention, and self-renewal—and barring all of that escape—then the terminal itself has evolved into something resembling a destination…They’re amnesiac places with no future and no past, only a continual present offering the same choices—flights, duty-free, and fast food—day after day after day. The reason we mourn that vanished era so […]

Weekend 176.0 (the Bilbao Effect)

(1) Found – The Comics Of Chris Ware: Drawing Is A Way Of Thinking I just finished Makeshift Metropolis by Witold Rybczynski so the timing of this “find” is serendipitous. I was also able to track down a copy of This American Life: Lost Buildings Book/DVD this weekend in the NPR Shop. (1a) Photo-Op: Wheels […]

Weekend 169.0

(1) “Japanese Prodigies Take on the World” – The video hasn’t been posted online yet but you can see it on the small screen on NYCLF (22). (2) All Nippon Airways “Inspiration of Japan” (USN Report 01-30-10) (3) Life with hubby: Airports (4) 10 Best Airports For Layovers (PHOTOS)

Weekend 165.0

The Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden I tried to select a photograph from this adventure with a (1) train, (2) flower(s), and (3) one of the 140 landmark buildings constructed entirely of natural materials. How accurate? You decide. Here is a picture of the TWA “Bird Terminal” at JFK created by […]

Weekend 162.0

The blinking of its ruby lights could been seen at dusk from Windsor Castle, the terminal’s forms giving shape to the promises of modernity. – Alain de Botton (1) Airport Christmas for Europe’s stranded travellers (2) Five airports with art worth seeing (3) 2010: A Year of Turbulence in Air Travel

Weekend 161.0 (WSJ Edition)

(1) The New Hue for 2011 Confusion over colors is the reason Pantone came about, back in 1963 when Lawrence Herbert was working as a color-matcher at a New York City printing company. Mr. Herbert recognized that the printing and graphics industries needed to communicate colors with a tool more accurate than words. His first […]

Weekend 156.0

(1) 12 Awesome Airplane Paint Jobs (2) How to Turn a Recession into a Depression (2a) “As hostility to businessmen grows, politicians tax them more heavily, while debasing and inflating the currency to maintain an illusion of prosperity. Then, when these policies cause rising price levels, a deluded populace demands price controls, which ambitious politicians […]

Weekend 149.0

(1) The Disney Princesses get a sexy makeover (2) F*** Yeah Flight (3) “I never interfere with a man and his socks. I only facilitate.” -Anonymous