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St. Edward the Confessor Feast Day

Sovereign God, who set your servant Saint Edward upon the throne of an earthly kingdom and inspired him with zeal for the kingdom of heaven: grant that we may so confess the faith of Christ by word and deed, that we may, with all your saints, inherit your eternal glory; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

In every city, in every nation…

I asked my cousin from Michigan whether or not he had ever heard of the Pet Shop Boys in 1980-something and he looked at me like I had three heads. In fairness, I had never heard of Bob Seger before I spent four-years in Michigan for university. The video for West End Girls has great images of Waterloo Station.

(1) Colour on the Thames (1935) >> Fantastic image of the Richmond Bridge at 1:30.

(2) Highly recommend Earthbound by Paul Morley. It was published as part of a collection celebrating 150 years of the Tube.

Weekend 514.0

CommendatoreThe truth is there’s just not much cooking. I’m between projects, exceptionally tired, and sitting on a queue of unfinished / unpolished concepts. This is when you either unplug and take a long walk -or- get real small and hide in someone’s pocket. This weekend was a good start since it’s mostly been copious amounts of coffee and resisting the urge to Go, Dog. Go! It’s also important sometimes to just pump the brakes, survey the landscape, and take inventory of where you have been (so you know where to go next). The last three years have been a whirlwind and now it’s really catching up with me. I’m tempted to draft a timeline of events, but this space is really just a curated list of links that occasionally reveal the context of that background noise. And now during this minor pause™ there’s a chance to sift, process, deconstruct, assemble, compile, and be THANKFUL.

Weekend 513.0 (You, moonlight, you’re my starlight)

“But you, O you,
So perfect and so peerless, are created
Of every creature’s best.”

– William Shakespeare

(1) Ward-Prowse nets for England

(2) Essential London Sites

(2a) Tube, Overground, TfL Rail, DLR & Tram Status

(2b) South Western Railway Plan My Journey

And you must die so that they may live

You are just a cog in the wheel. You are just a sack of flesh and bones in service to the elites (Yellen, Garland, Fauci, Obama/Biden/Romney/Clinton/Bush, Wray, etc.) and your blood, sweat, toil, and tears must feed the Leviathan.

(1) Yellen defends IRS rule requiring banks to report all transactions over $600 (NY POST)

(2) George Orwell was Right (American Thinker)

“Biden is not the puppetmaster, he’s the puppet. Whether it is Susan Rice or Barack Obama, or even Ms. Jill Biden, we don’t know. Whether it is the permanent Deep State apparatuses, or George Soros, or Dr. Anthony Fauci, or Bill Gates — we’re not sure. If it is China making the final call, (which should make Taiwan very nervous), it is unclear but possible. It would not be hard to argue that the globalists in the New World Order are making the final call. But who or whomever it is, it doesn’t seem to be the present resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He is incapable.”

(2a) Biden mocked for ‘Truman Show presidency’ over fake White House set (NY POST)

(3) Who is really in charge? (YouTube)

Weekend 512.1

“You are gentlemen of brave mettle; you would lift the moon out of her sphere if she would continue in it five weeks without changing.” – William Shakespeare

(1) Battle of Ferrybridge 1461

(2) A Horse! A Horse!! My Kingdom For A Horse!!! (Instapundit)

(3) University of Plymouth has one of the few remaining movable-type printing workshops in the UK

Weekend 512.0 (The Germans…)

Station…wore gray, you wore blue.

The Scene
The Letter

(1) Yet Another Movie by Pink Floyd (YouTube)

The track includes audio from Casablanca.

(2) ‘Railways For Ever’ (1970) (YouTube)

A British Transport Central Photographic Unit Film with acknowledgements to Kodak Limited

(3) 1970 Waterloo Station (YouTube)

(4) Great Central Railway by John Betjeman

We watched the empty platforms wait
And sadly saw it go.
By now the sun of afternoon
Showed ridge and furrow shadows
And shallow unfamiliar lakes
Stood shivering in the meadows.
Is Woodford church or Hinton church
The one I ought to see?
Or were they both too much restored
In 1883!
I do not know. Towards the west
A trail of glory runs
And we leave the old Great Central line
For Banbury and buns.

Photo is from the Limestone Archives™

Weekend 511.0

(1) First Train from Battersea Power Station Station (YouTube)


…denied the chance for three points against Man City because of VAR.

(1) Man City 0-0 Southampton: Penalty drama denies Saints as hosts record one shot on target (Sky Sports)

Weekend 510.2 (Wreck & Redemption)

I was in Plymouth last weekend and saw the place where the Sea Venture set sail from in 1609. It was supposed to bring relief supplies, etc. to the settlers in Jamestown but was damaged during a hurricane and run aground off the coast of Bermuda. The Sea Venture was helmed by the Admiral of the Company, Sir George Somers, and it was his decision during the storm to drive the ship onto the reefs in order to prevent its foundering. All of the passengers aboard the Sea Venture survived. His Admiralty Sir George Somers later died on the island and his heart was buried in St. George. There is a memorial in Somers Garden commemorating his life.

There is a plaque in Plymouth commemorating the 350th anniversary of the wreck in 1959 and in Bermuda there is a cross celebrating the 400th anniversary of the founding of Bermuda (The Somers Isles).

William Shakespeare purportedly used the account of the Sea Venture as inspiration for The Tempest.

Limestone Archive
Bermuda on Flickr
Bermuda Posts

Weekend 510.1

Beautiful prose from Love in a Valley by John Betjeman:

And me to lonely shopping in a brilliant arcade;
Firm hand, fond hand, switch the giddy engine!
So for us a last time is bright light made.

Weekend 510.0

(1) Edward I

(2) France recalls its ambassadors to the US and Australia over new national security partnership (CNN)

(2a) Migrants crossing Channel will be turned back to France (Express)

(3) Neil Turok Public Lecture: The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything (YouTube)

Mathematical proof connected to justice (29:50)

(3a) It’s not just a joke anymore: They’re actually claiming math is racist (Washington Examiner)

Ashburn, VA

June 17, 1729

Weekend 509.0

(1) Sir John Betjeman reads “Norfolk” (1954) – his poem about lost innocence.

Fact: Fauci Lied

(1) Covering up Fauci’s role in COVID leak: Devine (NY Post)

(2) Report Finds NIH Provided More than $3 Million to Fund COVID Research in Wuhan (EWTN News)

(3) Fauci Lied (Lotus Eaters)

(4) The smoking gun on Anthony Fauci? (The Spectator)

(5) Rand Paul Gets Fauci to Show His Fangs (Turning Point USA)