Independence Day 2024

Howdy. I’m working on a **NEW** Atari Retro Box. In the meantime: FEEL infinite…

Flipping through Art of Atari for inspiration. The theme is baked for this next sim, and unlike Train Sim World, it doesn’t actually exist IRL. My last post is about nostalgia and futurism / retro-futurism. Rick Guidice is one of the artists featured in the Art of Atari and it was his illustrations of the future that inspired my youth.

During my research I also found these interesting blogs (see below). It seems like all have been abandoned. What do you think happened to the proprietor(s)?

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 20 – Fairground Architecture and Midway Rides
Walt Disney World: A History in Postcards
Passport to Dreams Old & New

If you find Limestone Roof abandoned one day, please contact me.

Update (and context)
My BIG holiday weekend Atari project is done! The post ‘one piece at a time…’ needs a little work. It includes a little ‘politics’ which is something I try to avoid on the site. The subject of nostalgia (memory, dreams, and data) interests me, and I was definitely inspired by the Tomorrowland movie review by Jenny Nicholson. These young whippersnappers are amazing entrepreneurs. But there was something sad about her review because SO many young people are denied a vision of the future that is Tomorrowland and EPCOT circa 1977-84.

We’re all just victims now where once upon a time (see what I did there) young people were taught they would change the future via 12 “Spirits of America”. These poor youths matriculate from an educational system that breeds hopelessness and punishes optimism.

The movie Tomorrowland is a muddled mess and quite accurately reflects the cognitive dissonance handicapping our cultural elites (this was Brad Bird). And it’s getting worse when you consider that Tomorrowland was released in 2015. The Critical Drinker call this The Message™ and it’s the IDEA that every movie is a vehicle for re-educating and reinforcing the wrongness of our old ways of thinking. It’s NEW content for modern audiences.

In this way, Disney is a cultural and political flashpoint and the country in a microcosm. The syndicate / conglomerate / corporation would cancel Walt if they could (and they will eventually) because he represents an America deemed by ‘elites’ as contrary to the goals and objectives of modernity. The more cultural elites erase the past the more malleable we become. Once you see things in this context, you realize WHY people are so miserable and angst-ridden and WHY there are no more movies or video games or comic books that entertain. Disney no longer employs creators, dreamers, and creatives; they employ the product of our dilapidated universities. They hire social and cultural assassins.

Disneyland Quietly Avoids Independence Day Celebrations After Celebrating PRIDE For a MONTH (That Park Place via YouTube)
Epcot – Sculpting the Spirits of America (AllEars)

“It’s not the first time this opinion has been voiced, and it surely won’t be the last. It’s been said so much by now that it’s become a cliche… the 30-something EPCOT fan, pining away for the lost attractions of yesteryear. The Sci-Fi kid who grew up with NASA pennants and Star Trek episodes on tape may be one of the few types unaccommodated by theme parks, an area so often dominated by nostalgia and fantasy.

That may be part of the mystique, but more than anything, EPCOT Center was the right product at the right time, the theme park about science and technology that opened during a pivotal era for science and technology. Home computers, video game systems, cable TV and VCRs became creature comforts used the world over, and special effects began their slow encroachment on the rest of movies. EPCOT Center was there, reflecting ourselves back at us, perhaps not flatteringly but basically correctly.”

Source: Passport to Dreams Old and New

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