Atari Box Art (Series 2)

This one is inspired by Walt Disney World (1971-2019). The primary art source is from a watercolor/acrylic from George McGinnis in 1969 of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. His painting is featured in The Art of Walt Disney World Resort by Jeff Kurtti and Bruce Gordon. The style of his work could easily be featured in the pages of Art of Atari. It complements box artwork from artists like George Opperman, Cliff Spohn, Susan Jaekel, Rick Guidice, John Enright, James Kelly, Steve Hendricks, and Chris Kenyon.

My first title in this series is an add-on for a sim that lets you operate/manage the Walt Disney World Resort Transportation network. There are dozens of vehicles to operate under this umbrella and the play would largely mimic Train Sim World (timetables, scenarios, tasks, and collectibles).

When researching I was inspired by this poster on Pinterest. Some of the vehicles you could operate would include the ferry boat, bus, resort water taxi, train, monorail, and jitney. The sim will also include a manager mode allowing you to be a station agent for the Walt Disney World Railroad or the director of the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).

In passenger mode, you can ride the Skyliner and the old Skyway. One passenger mode minigame would let you test your prowess as a transportation guest. In this minigame you must make dinner reservations at the Contemporary Resort by 8:30 PM — departing from Disney’s Saratoga Springs with a critical stop at EPCOT. The idea for this minigame came from an EZ Code Merit challenge in Kingdom Hearts called Sky Walk Challenge where you traverse the Kingdom of Corona without walking on the ground.

The next box artwork in the series is likely another add-on inspired by this acrylic from Leo Svendsen. The next add-on will let you pilot passenger ferries (and some to Raz Island/Idle Bay Isle/Riles Isles). A new feature will allow players to purchase virtual property throughout the parks in places like the station on Main Street USA or in the American Adventure pavilion. Have ever wanted an apartment at Echo Lake?

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