Weekend 577.0 (README.TXT)

Blog maintenance this weekend as we get closer to the 20th Anniversary of Limestone Roof on August 21st.

(1) On Museums and Windows (The Imaginative Conservative)

“So a knowing eye will see that the huddled masses at Mass have among them the masterpieces, the flawed works of art, the kitsch, the poor devotional souls… and someone like me, an insufferable snob and hypocrite, who also hopes for a place among the masterpieces one day.”

(2) The Shame of the Cowardly Shepherds (The Catholic Thing)

“Many believers today are beginning to wonder if the white flag of surrender has been raised by high churchmen while many of the troops – the baptized in the midst of the world – are still in the battle, fighting the good fight, and laboring for goodness and righteousness to triumph in the human heart and in society.”

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