Weekend 514.0

CommendatoreThe truth is there’s just not much cooking. I’m between projects, exceptionally tired, and sitting on a queue of unfinished / unpolished concepts. This is when you either unplug and take a long walk -or- get real small and hide in someone’s pocket. This weekend was a good start since it’s mostly been copious amounts of coffee and resisting the urge to Go, Dog. Go! It’s also important sometimes to just pump the brakes, survey the landscape, and take inventory of where you have been (so you know where to go next). The last three years have been a whirlwind and now it’s really catching up with me. I’m tempted to draft a timeline of events, but this space is really just a curated list of links that occasionally reveal the context of that background noise. And now during this minor pause™ there’s a chance to sift, process, deconstruct, assemble, compile, and be THANKFUL.

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