Weekend 507.0

“The Church lies bereft,
Alone, desecrated, desolated and the heathen shall build
on the ruins,
Their world without God. I see it. I see it.”

— T.S. Eliot

(1) Three cups of coffee a day can lower risk of stroke and heart disease – study (Sky News)

(2) Metroland, 100 years on: what’s become of England’s original vision of suburbia? (The Guardian)

(2a) Flashback: Weekend 272.1 ‡‡‡‡‡ “The green haven at the end of the line.” — Richard Mabey

(3) Eric Gill’s fall from grace (Apollo)

(3a) Tom Gauld’s Guardian panels on type and technology, poetry and words (Eye)

Two on YouTube:

(4) Feel Good Travel (Avanti West Coast)

(5) “Thank God It’s Sunday” with John Betjeman (1972)

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