Weekend 498.2

My library is password protected because in the words of Christopher de Hamel¹, “we all know what a lot you can tell about any person by looking at the book they own”, and in an era of cancel culture, censorship and persecution publishing this list would be dangerous.

One book that is in my library in the Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis. I suspect that Lewis (religious) and Orwell (secular) are like Holy Water to progressives and it’s great to see both writers (titans) appearing in reading lists at book clubs like Unsafe Space. As mentioned in a previous post, I don’t know what to make of Bishop Barron (of Word on Fire). He seems to be protecting and advancing an “Ascendant Liberal Christianity” (NYT) either out of naiveté or something else more sinister. In any case, Word on Fire has published a companion to Abolition of Man by Michael Ward that I’m going to read/review.

One book I can recommend as a companion to AOM is C.S. Lewis for the Third Millennium by Peter Kreeft. I’ve quoted this book extensively over the years.

Bishop Barron Catholicism?

¹The Book in the Cathedral

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