Weekend 490.1 (Cancel Culture / Lists)

(1) White Women In Sturbridge Anti-Racist Group Compile List Of Local Businesses To Harass For Not Publicly Supporting Black Lives Matter, Being Owned By Conservatives (TB Daily News)

IF you didn’t know where Sturbridge was you would think this post was about East Germany in the 1950s. You know who also liked lists?

Chilling, frightening, wretched, disbelief are all words that come to mind to describe these progressive / liberal behaviors. Sturbridge is very close to St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA by the way. The barbarians are at the gate (and many of the have purple hair).


The feeble response from the CC (and other church leaders) doesn’t help. I remember when ANTIFA was toppling statues in California (San Francisco) in 2020 and the response from the CC was more of appeasement / linguistic acrobatics.

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