10 Ways to Fight the Marxist Usurpation

(1) Study history because it repeats itself
(2) Read any of the Austrian School economists like Hayek, Hazlitt, von Mises, and Reed (and extra fortification via Milton Friedman)
(3) Support independent content creators on YouTube and Indiegogo
(4) Donate to Project Veritas and Judicial Watch
(5) Subscribe to Church Militant, Epoch Times, etc.
(6) Boycott companies like The Walt Disney Company (DIS) and professional sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, and MLB
(7) Stop using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and find alternatives to Google
(8) Cancel your NETFLIX, Hulu, Prime, Apple TV, and Disney+ streaming accounts
(9) Start a library of books, movies, and music (you need hard copies to protect against censorship)
(10) Build a network of like-minded individuals. Despite what we’re told by the media, we represent the majority.

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