Weekend 486.3

“Eyes like starlight through the darkness…”

A couple of days of walking and biking is like this song from Howard Jones beginning at 2:30.

(1) The Four Seasons: Summer by James Thomson

Heavens! what a goodly prospect spreads around,
Of hills, and dales, and woods, and lawns, and spires,
And glittering towns, and gilded streams, till all
The stretching landscape into smoke decays!

(2) Disney’s CANCEL Culture is Coming for YOU (Nerdrotic)

(2a) Keep Your Feet (According to Hoyt)

“When they say “normal” isn’t coming back, they are right. But the future that’s taking shape is not what they think it is. They think the future will be with them in control of our every breath, of everyone’s movements and what everyone is allowed to do.”

Color Commentary: I don’t think the elites will like the “new normal” (a case of be careful what you wish for). The reason the election was stolen via fortification (and the narrative augmented by insurrectionists) is their ability to control the narrative is slipping away and the tighter they squeeze the more authoritarian they will need to get. And they can cancel content creators on YouTube or WordPress (or wherever) but free expression is like the physics of water seeking equilibrium. We don’t need the elites to tell us what to watch or what art to like (it’s what Drucker knew about Time Inc. in the 40s.). Harvard and Yale, the Ford Foundation, Amazon, NETLFIX, Disney Company, Citibank, and the Kennedy Center can **** the **** off.

There’s a kind of arrogance today about HOW the Disney Company treats their customers. They must think vacationers will arrive via some kind of Biden / Harris Strength through Joy program because NO member of the creative class is going to substitute their lust for Europe with a trip around World Showcase at EPCOT. Do the elites even watch their own crap (e.g. Keeping Up with the Joneses)?

I’m starting to dig the strategy of pushing back. You like what you like and don’t apologize because your traditions, interests, etc. don’t fit sanitized artificial norms imposed by a series of gutted institutions (the scourge of purple haired weirdos who are engaged in retcon on an industrial scale). Fact: Tolkien was a devout Catholic and there’s nothing racist about an orc. Amazon’s Middle-earth TV series will be dreck and completely agenda-driven.

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