Weekend 482.0

The Ruin

These wall-stones are wondrous —
calamities crumpled them, these city-sites crashed, the work of giants
corrupted. The roofs have rushed to earth, towers in ruins.
Ice at the joints has unroofed the barred-gates, sheared
the scarred storm-walls have disappeared—
the years have gnawed them from beneath. A grave-grip holds
the master-crafters, decrepit and departed, in the ground’s harsh
grasp, until one hundred generations of human-nations have
trod past. Subsequently this wall, lichen-grey and rust-stained,
often experiencing one kingdom after another,
standing still under storms, high and wide—
it failed—

Source: Old English Poetry Project

(1) Roman Britain – The Work of Giants Crumbled (33:45)

(2) Two Kingdoms in the Third Reich – Professor Alec Ryrie (10:10)

(3) “Dangerous Rise Of Religious Nationalism” with Katherine Stewart¹ (Patch)

This is why the left needs to “neuter” traditional Catholicism and replace it with the Francis® brand. They cannot rest until all religious are labeled extremists and terrorists. It also demonstrates how coordinated/organized and financially supported these fellow travelers are. The great irony (and tragedy) is that the only “side” banning books² these days and trampling on religious and civil liberties is the left.

¹The publisher of The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism is Bloomsbury.

²Can’t wait for these children to turn their parent(s) into the authorities for having unorthodox thoughts.

(3a) US politics have now become a war for survival – for both sides (Bayou Renaissance Man

“The progressive left has gone all-in on seizing and maintaining control, at any cost. They’re maintaining a puppet President in power, a man mentally incompetent to and incapable of exercising that office, because they can manipulate him to achieve their ends. They’ve shut off the capital city of our nation from its people, and are protecting themselves and their institutions behind barbed wire and military guards, to keep the people out and keep themselves in power. Those realities alone should illustrate that they’re not going to give up, and they’re not going to go away.”

³First referenced by Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit.

(4) Francis, The Ziggurat, and The Beast

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