That great fiction…

(1) We Live In The Dystopia Young Adult Fiction Warns Us About: Young adult fiction is awash in projections of a dystopian future, yet we’re still sliding into that future, and young adults are going along with it. (The Federalist)

“Complain about any of this, and where will it get you? Anyone who expresses dissent from the system has to be ejected from the system, have his or her work permit revoked, or be denied any possibility of advancing within the system. How else do you think a dystopia enforces itself?
So there has to be an employment blacklist where someone who expressed wrongthink will never be allowed to work again. In other words, just like today’s Silicon Valley.”

(2) English Vigilantes Use Ladders, Sticky Letters to Exterminate the Metric System: Members of The Active Resistance to Metrication launch ‘raids,’ brave arrest to convert signs to imperial measures (Wall Street Journal)

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